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Boy Scouts of America Do Your Best!

Pinewood Derby Time!

By Jim Barnette

Pinewood Derby time is here! Let’s get our Pinewood Derby Racers built!

We passed out 14 kits to scouts, and sold 6 more kits to siblings and adults. So we have 20 racers out there so far.  Strangely enough, the kits passed out to Scouts is almost exactly equal to the number of Webelos I’s and Webelos ll’s. We need Tigers, Bears, and Wolves!!!!

Don’t be afraid, we will help!! The “Build-a-Car Workshop” is new this year.  We thought it would be a great way to get the cars built quickly and with minimum difficulty.(read more…)

Pack 112 November Meeting

If you weren’t able to make the Pack meeting Monday, here’s what you missed.

Bobcat Badge Ceremony

We have a total of 11 new boys who have joined Pack 112 and earned their Bobcat badge.  Several of the new cub scouts received their badge at the meeting, and begin with their badge pinned to their uniform upside down.  This is a reminder that all cub scouts need to perform a good deed to solidify their commitment to scouting.  Afterwards they will be free to permanently sew their badge to their uniform properly.

Popcorn Reminder

Check your email for an important message from Chad O’Neal. Read on for more information…

Lead the Fun!

We still have Pack Leader Positions Open. Activity Coordinator Roles plan all the fun things. The Pack Leadership Team does all the administrative work for you! If you’re thinking you’d like to commit, but not sure how….choose a small Activity Coordinator Role. A small, “one off” volunteer role is a great way to contribute and get your feet wet.

Open Pack Roles

  • Assistant CubMaster

Activity Coordinator Roles

  • Campfire Coordinator – plan the campout fun….games, skits, jokes
  • Christmas Parade Chair – Nov/Dec
  • GRUBMASTER – Oh yeah! Plan, organize, cook campout food. Fall/spring
  • Scouting for Food Chair – February
  • Camp Card Coordinator – March

Learn more!

Scouting for Food 2015

Saturday, February 7th 2015
Saturday, February 14th, 2015

A Cub Scout promises to “give good will” and a Boy Scout promises “to help other people at all times.” The best way to show our Scouting Spirit is by participating in the annual Scouting for Food drive.  There are thousands of needy families in the DFW area, and numbers are growing rapidly… especially with today’s economy.

Our goal is 100% participation from all packs, troops and crews in this most important outreach to our communities.  Last year we collected 13,572 non-perishable items (canned food, pasta, cereal, peanut butter, etc.) and this year we can top that total.  In fact, we are proud to note that Scouting for Food accounts for the single largest donation received by local food banks each year.

Donations go to a local food pantry.

We need you!  Pack 112 is in need of a Scouting for Food Chair to help lead this important event for our Pack!  Contact Jill Torres or Shannon Haynes and let them know you’re interested!

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