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CUBOREE – Don’t Miss It!

2014_CuboreePatchWhen: Oct 24th – 26th, 2014 Where: Camp Wisdom, Dallas (map)

General Information

Early registration is $15 per Scout due no later than October 9th, 2014, $20.00 thereafter.  Registration for siblings participating in games, crafts and activities is $10.00 Check in on Friday 5:30 to 9 pm & Saturday, from 9 – 11:00 a.m. On-site registration of $20.00 per scout and siblings $10.00 will be accepted at these times. Camping is not a condition of attending the activities, only more fun!

Quick Links!
Registration info: here
Camp Schedule: here
Activities Map: here
Campsite Map: here
FAQ: here

CUBOREE Staffing

We are a volunteer organization! The Cuboree is organized as a co-operative venture among the participating Packs from our District. Each Pack is expected to provide leaders to prepare and run events (one leader per each 10 registered participants). Please indicate with your registration your preference for staffing assignments. The District volunteers will provide planning, organization and supplies. Volunteer meeting: October 9th 6:30 pm (before the roundtable at the LDS Church on Legacy). One representative is expected from each Pack attending (we are expecting that all Packs will be attending).

Camping and Parking

All cars will be parked in the main parking lot. Due to limited parking space, carpooling is encouraged. Please see the Check-in and registration guidelines page. NO RIDERS IN THE BED OF TRUCKS OR TRAILERS. Please note: for safety all camp roads will close from 10am until 5 pm on Saturday. Camping will be by Pack and in an assigned campsite. Due to the size and participation in this event, it will be necessary for packs to share a campsite. Please refrain from roping off your camping area. Please DO NOT bring an axe, hatchet or chain saw to this event. Tent camping only, no campers or RV’s will be allowed in the camp. Each unit is responsible for their own meals. Please be sure to bring carrying containers for water. Use of gas stoves and charcoal should follow BSA policies and guidelines. Bring your own TRASH BAGS. Radios, boom boxes, two-way radios, guns, fireworks, sheath knives, PETS, bicycles, and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. All BSA and Circle Ten Council campground policies must be followed. Smoking is not permitted in the camp. If you must smoke, please use your personal vehicle in the parking lot. Campfires are only permitted in established fire rings. Units may NOT dig new fire pits. Be sure all campfires are out before leaving the campsite for activities, retiring for the night and before you check out on Sunday. A fire check will be made and you will be asked to extinguish the fire if no one is tending it. Be prepared for adverse weather. EACH SCOUT MUST HAVE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT FAMILY MEMBER OR GUARDIAN ACCOMPANY THEM TO CUBOREE ACCORDING TO THE BSA GUIDELINES. The entire family is encouraged to enjoy the experience.

Program Schedule


5:00pm – 9:00pm Check-in & set up camp
10:30pm Lights out. Quiet in camp.


8:00am Registration open (registration closes at 1:00pm)
10:00am – Noon Early bird activities (BBs and archery ranges open)
Noon – 12:45pm Lunch at your campsite
1:00pm – 1:15pm Flag ceremony at the flagpole (HQ @ Daffron Pavilion)
1:30pm – 4:30pm Main event activities open – free rotation
5:00pm – 6:30pm Dinner at your campsite
6:30pm – 9:00pm Evening Program @ Activity Center – Halloween Costume Contest (Scouts and Siblings), Skits, Songs, and a Movie (Halloweentown 1998-Disney)
10:30pm Lights out. Quiet in camp.


7:00am Wake up and breakfast at your campsite
9:00am Scout’s Own Service (non-sectarian) @ Trading Post Building
10:00am Break camp, clean up, campsite inspection, & check out

For the safety of our participants, no traffic will be allowed on camp access roads from 10:00am-5:00pm on Saturday. All vehicles must be parked in the camp parking lot located near the front gate. No parking at campsites. Packs will not be allowed to check out until after their campsite has been inspected. Patches will be issued only after the inspection. One event patch per scout is provided with each registration. Extra patches will be available for sale at the event while the supply lasts.

Registration / Check-In Guidelines

  • Please register as a group whenever possible i.e. Den/Pack
  • Arrive at Cub World, Camp Wisdom Parking Lot.
  • Send one adult leader to the Registration / Check in area with a list of all attendees including adults and siblings. (Note: Packs that have Pre-Registered will be given express service.)
  • Combine all Pack equipment & Personal Gear into one or two vehicles. (All vehicles must be parked in the main Parking Lot)
  • Move one vehicle into your campsite area and unload it. Immediately return it to the main parking area. A second load may be taken at this time. (Note: In accordance with B.S.A. policy, no one will be allowed to ride in the back of an open vehicle, i.e. pickup trucks or trailers.
  • Set-up your campsite (Note: Due to an expected large turnout, more than one Pack will be assigned to each campsite. Please be courteous to your neighbors.)
  • Please follow the direction of all Staff & Traffic Coordinators. This will facilitate your check in and getting to your campsite.
  • Information & maps will be given out during Check In and are available to print from the website.


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