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Pinewood Derby 2015

iStock_000006181973_SmallPinewood Derby time is here!

Let’s get our Pinewood Derby Racers built!

We passed out 14 kits to scouts, and sold 6 more kits to siblings and adults. So we have 20 racers out there so far.  Strangely enough, the kits passed out to Scouts is almost exactly equal to the number of Webelos I’s and Webelos ll’s.

We need Tigers, Bears, and Wolves!!!!

Don’t be afraid, we will help!!  The “Build a Car” Workshop is new this year.  We thought it would be a great way to get the cars built quickly and with minimum difficulty.

If it sounds too costly, we might be able to do a DYI Car Build Event for free.  See the attachment on this.  Even without using the Car Build Workshops, or the Car Build DYI Event, there are a lot of ways to get a car built, so buy a kit, and call a Webelo parent (use the den directory in Scout Tracker, or call me).  We’re a huge den with 4 year’s experience building racers.  We can help.  (Yes, you’re welcome Webelos parents… :) )

If you would like a kit, you can buy from me. $5 each.

Small Print. 

At the pack meeting last Monday, I acquiesced to some advice and sold kits for $4.  It was a nightmare.  I don’t plan on carrying a wad of $1’s with me for the next couple months, so consider it an early-bird special.  The price is as I originally announced. $5.  The money goes to the pack.

The kits are available at the Scout Store for $4.  It’s a 20 minute round trip and costs $0.83 in gas (just kidding about the gas part, and anyway it depends on whether you drive Dereks’ car or Damons’ truck).

End of Small Print.

Support your pack and buy from me for $5.

Kits will also be available again at the January pack meeting.  Bring at least $10, ‘cause you’ll want one for your Scout (which is free, the pack pays for the Scouts) and one for a sibling, and one for yourself so you can enter your kick – butt Unlimited Racer.  If you get really crazy (oops, I mean creative) and come up with an ultimate challenger-crushing racer, you can enjoy the prestige of being picked for the Ultra Class (Stewards Discretion).

Please read the attachment for important information on the Car Build Work Shops.

There will be more info shortly on rules and event details.

Let’s go racing !!

Pinewood Derby – 2015
Steward of the Meet
Pit Boss

(pick the one you like best, no I’m not making any suggestions…)

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